Business Track

Business Track will feature a great lineup of consecutive talks that are set to wrap up every 30 minutes. Topics and speakers are outlined below.

Business Advice: How do you know which advice is worth listening to?

Speaker: Tony Perez

Tony Perez will be opening up the business track by tackling the first of our core questions on Sunday. Sure, sometimes it’s hard to ask for advice. But what do you do when you get it? How do you determine what to do with it? Should you listen to it all? Ok, maybe that’s more than one question. But we’re confident Tony will have some great advice for us.

Career: What does it take to change careers? How do you prepare?

Speaker: Chris Ford

Chris Ford has recently tackled a transition she never expected to make – a career change. Yet every person thinking of going out on their own, or making the call to stop working for themselves and join a larger agency has struggled with this kind of transition. Come hear her thoughts.

Growth: How do you run a business while also keeping up with changing technology?

Speaker: Tom McFarlin

Running your own business is tough. There’s tons of things to think about, for sure. But how do you handle that, while also trying to stay current with all the technological changes that seem constant? How do you manage investing in your own growth? If there’s anyone who can share insights into the question, there’s no doubt it’s Tom.

Balance: How do you manage your work/life balance?

Speaker: Jennifer Bourn

For years Jennifer has juggled several competing requests on her time. She’s a full time business owner, entrepreneur, wife, mom, writer and more. Yet, she’s also had time for family vacation, business travel and more – which raises a question. Is she cloned, or does she know something about how to manage the challenges of this thing we call a “work/life balance”?

Customers: How do you prepare for a tough client call?

Speaker: Jason Rosenbaum

If there’s one thing Jason knows how to do, it’s how to have a tough call with a client – whether it’s about deadlines, scope creep, billing, or missed expectations. And while you’ve heard several people give you advice on how to handle a call with an irate customer, we’re sure Jason’s insights will challenge and surprise you.

Lead Generation: How does writing/blogging impact lead generation?

Speaker: Carrie Dils

For years Carrie has been a consistent and valued blogger which helped her freelance business. Now she’s going to tell you her secrets – the things to do and not to do – so that you can enjoy some of the same benefits she’s realized over years.

Perseverance: What’s it take to step out on your own and stick to it?

Speaker: Steve Zehngut 

Steve’s been running Zeek for years. So it only makes sense that we’d hear how he’s done it. And hear the challenges he’s faced as he’s shifted the business from Flash banner ad games to WordPress sites and mobile applications. If you want to hear about the hustle, there’s no one better to hear it from than Steve.